Emergency Lighting


1) Emergency lighting shall be provided in:

  •  Exits
  •  Principal routes providing access to exit in an open floor area 
  •  Corridors used by the public 
  •  Underground walkways 
  •  Public corridors.

2) Emergency lighting required in Section (1) shall be provided from a source of energy separate from the electrical supply for the building.

3) Lighting required in Section (1) shall be designed to be automatically actuated for a period of at least 30 min when the electric lighting in the affected area is interrupted. 

4) Illumination from lighting required in Section (1) shall be provided to average levels of not less than 10lx at floor or tread level. 

5) Where self-contained emergency lighting units are used, they shall conform to CSA C22.2 No. 141, “Unit Equipment for Emergency Lighting.


Exit Signs

1) Every exit door shall have an exit sign placed over or adjacent to it if the exit serves :

  •  A building more than 2 stories in building height, 
  •  A building having an occupant load of more than 150, or 
  •  A room or floor area that has a fire escape as part of a required means of egress. 

2) Every exit sign shall:

  •   Be visible from the exit approach, 
  •   Have the word EXIT or SORTIE displayed in plain legible letters, and 
  •   Be illuminated continuously while the building is occupied.

3) Exit signs shall consist of:

  •   red letters on a contrasting background or contrasting letters on a red background, with the letters not less than 114 mm high and having a 19 mm stroke, if the sign is internally illuminated, and 
  •   white letters on a red background or red letters on a contrasting background that is white or a light tint, with letters not less than 150 mm high and having a 19 mm stroke, if the sign is externally illuminated.


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